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Biography of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

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His name is Tsa'lab bin Ja'far bin Ali bin Ja'far ibn Nawfal Al adfawi Muthahhar.
a 'ala madzhab Shafi'i scholars who lived in Baghdad.
The birth and death of his:
Born in the middle of the month of Sha'ban in 685 AH Died in 748 H in Cairo. His biography published by Al-Haafiz in the book Ad Durarul Kaminah, biography number 1452. Imam Ibn Rajab said that Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani was born in the year 490/471 H in the town Jailan or also called Kailan. So at the end of his name added Gilani said Al or Al Kailani or also Al Jiliy. (Biaografi he published the Book of Adz Dzail 'Ala Thabaqil Hanabilah I/301-390, number 134, works of Imam Ibn Rajab Al Hanbali. Book has not been translated into Indonesian).
He died on Saturday evening, after sunset, on the 9th Rabi Late in the year 561 H Babul Azaj.

youthful of  Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani:
He left the homeland and migrated to Baghdad when he was young. In Baghdad studied to some scholars like Ibn Aqeel, Abul Khatthat, Abul Hussein Al Farra 'and also Abu Sa'ad Al Muharrimi. He learned so as to master the science of usul as well as the differences of opinion of the scholars'. One day Abu Sa'ad Al Mukharrimi build small schools in the area called Babul Azaj. School management is left entirely to the Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani. He manages this school seriously. Lived there while giving advice to people there is. Many are those who repent after hearing his counsel. Many people are sympathetic to him, and came to his school. So the school was not strong to contain. Thus, there was expansion

His disciples:
His many disciples who became scholars' famous. As Al-Haafiz Abdul Ghani who compiled the book Ahkam Fi Umdatul Kalami Khairil Anam. Also Sheikh Qudamah composer famous book Al-Mughni figh.

Words scholars about him:
Shaykh Ibn Qudama rahimahullah when asked about Sheikh Abdul Qadir, he replied, "we had met with him at the end of its life. He put us in school. He was very attentive to us. Sometimes he sent his son named John to turn the lights on for us. He has always been a priest in the obligatory prayers. "

Shaykh Ibn Qudama had lived with him for nine days a month. This opportunity is used to learn to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani until he died. (Siyar A'lamin Nubala XX/442). He was an 'alim. Beraqidah Ahlu Sunna, follow the road Salafush Salih. Known to many has Karamah-Karamah. But many (Allah) who invents a lie on his behalf. It lies in the form of stories, sayings, teachings, "tariqa" in contrast to the Prophet, his Companions, and more.

Among them can be seen from the words of Imam Ibn Rajab, "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani was a man eminent in his time. Is honored by many of the shaykhs, both 'scholars and experts ascetic. He has many virtues and Karamah. But there was a man named Al Muqri 'Abul Hasan Ash Syathnufi Al Mishri (full name is Ali ibn Yusuf ibn Jarir al Lakh-mi-Nufi Syath ash. Born in Cairo in 640 AH, died in 713 AH He was accused of lying and did not meet by Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Gilani) to collect the stories and the virtues of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani in the three volumes of the book. He has written a strange matters and large (lies). It is enough that a lie, if he tells what he heard. I have seen most of the book, but my heart was not at ease to stick with it, so I do not narrate what was in it. Except for the stories that have been mansyhur and famous than the book. Since the book contains a history of the many people who are not known. There are also matters that much (of religion and reason), the evils, the indictments and the words of vanity limitless. (Like the story of Sheikh Abdul Qadir revive a dead chicken, and so on.) All it would be inappropriate attributed to Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani vol. Then I get that Al Kamal Ja'far Al Adfwi (His full name is Tsa'lab bin Ja'far bin Ali bin Ja'far ibn Nawfal Al Adfawi Muthahhar. Seoarang 'bermadzhab Shafi'i scholars. Born in the middle of the month of Sha'ban 685 years in 748 H H. Died in Cairo.

His biography published by Al-Haafiz in the Kitan Ad Durarul Kaminah, biography number 1452.) Has stated that Ash-nufi Syath himself accused lying on diriwayatkannya stories in this book. "(Quoted from the book At Tashawwuf Fii Mizanil Bahtsi Wat Verification, p. 509, works of Sheikh Abdul Qadir bin Habibullah As Sindi, Publisher Darul Manar, Ed. II, 8 Qa `dah 1415 AH / 8 April 1995 AD). Imam Ibn Rajab also said, "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Gilani rahimahullah has a good on the issue of unity, the attributes of God, destiny, and the sciences ma'rifat accordance with the Sunnah.

He has a book Al Ghunyah Li Thalibi Thariqil Haq, the famous book. He also has a book Futuhul Ghaib. His students gather matters relating to the advice of his assemblies. In matters of nature, destiny and others, he adhered to the Sunnah. He denied strongly against those who menyelisihi Sunnah. "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani said in his book, Al Ghunyah," He (God) in the direction of the top, above the 'arsyNya, covering the entire kingdom. Knowledge encompasses everything. "Then he mentioned verses and hadith-hadith and said" Consciousness set istiwa 'nature' (Allah is above the 'arsyNya) without takwil (skew to the other meaning). And it is istiwa '' Essence of God above arsys. "(At Tashawwuf Fii Mizanil Bahtsi Wat Verification, p. 515).

Ali ibn Idris once asked Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, "O my lord, does God have a guardian (lover) is not above the aqidah (Imam) Ahmad ibn Hanbal?" So he said, "There has never been and will not be there. "(At Tashawwuf Fii Mizanil Bahtsi Wat Verification, p. 516). The words of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani was also dinukilkan by Syeikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah in the book Al Istiqamah I/86. All it shows honesty and respect his aqidahnya the manhaj Salaf. Sam'ani said, "Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani was Jailan city dwellers. He is an Imam Hambali bermadzhab. Being a great teacher in the schools is his life. "Imam Adz Dzahabi biography mentions Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Gilani in Siyar A'lamin Nubala and menukilkan Sheikh following words:" More than five hundred people to Islam through my hands, and more than a hundred thousands of people have repented. "

Imam Adh Dzahabi nukil ayings and deeds of Sheikh Abdul Qadir strange that give the impression as if he knows the things unseen. Then finished saying, "The bottom line Shaikh Abdul Qadir had great position. But there are criticisms against some of his words and God's promises (forgiveness for the mistakes of believers). But some words are lies on his behalf. "(Siyar XX/451). Imam Adh Dzahabi also said, "No one of the flapping masyasyeikh a resume and more stories karamahnya saga, other than Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani, and many of the narrations it is not right even the impossible happen." Sheikh Rabi 'bin Hadi Al Madkhali says in his book, Al Haddul Fashil, hal.136, "I have to get aqidah he (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Gilani) in his book called Al Ghunyah. (See the book of Al-Ghunyah I/83-94) So I know that he is as a Salafi. He set the names and attributes of God and Aqeedah other above-aqeedah manhaj Salaf. He also denied Shiite groups, Rafidhah, Jahmiyyah, Jabariyyah, Salimiyah, and other groups with manhaj Salaf. "(At Tashawwuf Fii Mizanil Bahtsi Wat Verification, p. 509, works of Sheikh Abdul Qadir bin Habibullah As Sindi, Darul Publisher Manar, Ed. II, 8 Qa `dah 1415 AH / 8 April 1995 AD). This is about him briefly. An 'alim Salafi, Sunni, but many people are flattering and make a lie on his behalf.

While he was innocent of all the lies. Allaah knows best
bishshawwab. The conclusion he was a 'great scholar. If the current
many Muslims laud-her flattering and love, then a fairness. Even a must. However, if the degree of his exaltation above the Prophet shollallahu'alaihi wasalam, then this is a mistake. Because shollallahu Prophet 'alaihi wasalam was the most glorious apostles among the prophets and apostles. Rank with Allah will not be defeated by any man.
As most of the Muslims who made Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani as wasilah (intermediaries) in their prayers. Believes that a person's prayer will not be granted by God, but by the intermediary. It is also a fallacy. Making people who died of as an intermediary, then no syari'atnya and this is forbidden. Especially if there are people who pray to him. This is a major shirk. Because prayer is a form of worship that is not given to other than Allah. God forbid inhabitants pray to other than Allah,

And verily the mosques, it belonged to God.
So do you worship someone else in it
In addition to (worship) God.
(Surat Al-Jinn: 18)

So it has become imperative for every Muslim to treat the
'Ulama as well as possible, but still within the limits that have been
established Shariah.
Finally, I hope God continues to provide guidance to us
so it does not get lost in a life filled with slander.

Biography of Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

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